Sunday, January 20, 2008

The last few weeks were too cold to work in the garage. In Dec. I put the new bushings on the A arms and mounted them. I learned the hard way that you have to put the torsion rod in first. I found it's easier to slide the bushings part way on the tubes first and then pound everything back with a heavy weight against a wood block. I had to make new rubber seals for the back end of the torsion rods. I still have to make 8 bushings for the sway bar.
The threaded rod for the ball joint I bought didn't fit. Could be because I had 1970 A arms and 1972 struts. Anyway I grinded it down until enough of the threads came out so the lock nut would stay on. Next step is to order some polyurethane so I can make some bushings. That's one end of the anti-sway bar at the bottom right side of the top picture.

In this picture the rubber seal at the end of the torsion bar can be seen. It was cut out of 1/4" silicon rubber.

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